Monday, 10 September 2012

Short-billed Dowitcher 8Th September

Twitches have been in short supply this year with only 3 out of the county and a road trip with the boys is always a good giggle. Today we headed south for the Short-billed Dowitcher that had been present at Lodmoor in Dorset for a couple of days. We arrived a couple of hours after sunrise and it was cold, shorts perhaps not the best option. The dowitcher showed briefly but after 20 minutes or so came out and showed really well allowing for close scrutiny of all if features, it has to be one of the best looking waders I have seen for a long time. After taking it in for an hour or so we headed for Portland for the Monarch that had been reported the day before,  arriving on site just as news broke of it's continued presence.  At first it just sat with it's wings closed whilst it warmed up but after 20 minutes it flew around to allow a full appreciation of it's size and spectacular colours.
Next we headed for the Baillons Crake at Rainham and as the sun grew in strength the shorts were very welcome.  A long wait at rainham failed to produce the crake but did little to put a damper on a great day.

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