Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Quick patch visit

I managed to get to the patch briefly on Sunday morning, mainly in the hope the Iceland Gull would pit in an appearance. Predictably it wasn't in the mass of loafing gulls but a smart adult and 1winter Mediterranean Gull were good compensation. The pig pools look good for the spring as water levels are, unsurprisingly, high.

Monday, 17 February 2014

Up to date

Well is been a while since I update my blog so I thought I would drag bring it up to date. Well following my first trip to Fair Isle and Shetland the remainder of 2013 was on the whole fairly quiet, a few birds do stand out and these included 3 lifers, Parrot Crossbills, White-billed Diver and Brunnich's Guillemot. The Parrot Crossbills were also a Suffolk tick and they showed well when I went for them on the afternoon the 23rd November. These birds were ultra distinctive and left me in little doubt as to their identification, unlike some of images I had seen of other claimed Parrot Crossbills in the UK.

The Brunnich's Guillemot and White-billed Diver were a fantastic end to a great 2013

Brunnich's Guillemot - Portland Harbour.

The Brunnich's Guillemot gave us the run around initially but did give itself up in the end and showed down to a few feet. A supporting cast of Black Guillemot, Black-throated Diver, Slavonian Grebe and Red-breasted Merganser all made for a great trip. Onward to the White-billed Diver!!
The White-billed Diver was my 13th tick of the year but although showing well for most of the time we were there it remained out of range for the camera.

The Start of 2014 saw me start in a new job at Viking Optical Halesworth and hopefully many happy days ahead, bit of a kid in a sweet shop if i'm honest and lots of toys to play with and exciting projects ahead.
I haven't had much time to bird so far and not done any twitching, but what time I have had has been spent on the River Deben photographing the goings on on the river and also the birds the inhabit the area.



I hope that updates will be a bit more frequent from now on and having some good birds to post about will be a bonus!!