Monday, 3 September 2012

September 2nd - back to Landguard..again

Having jobs to do in the morning I managed to miss the Spanish Sparrow as it left its roost but headed over later in the morning. I searched the caravan park and Manor Road for over an hour and only really found a couple of descent sized Sparrow flocks, non of which held the male Spanish Sparrow. With only a handful of people looking I felt my best bet was to come back in the evening and try and see if I could find it before it went to roost.
I was just leaving my house at 5:15pm as I got a message to say the Spanish Sparrow was showing near its roost site, bugger. I was on site within 15 minutes but the bird had already crossed the road and flown in to bushes within the dock complex. A keen eyed birder soon found it roosting within the buddlea and I was able to see the bird as it shuffled around a preened, I hope to get back on another evening a bit earlier and catch it in the open before it dives of to roost.

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