Monday, 3 September 2012

Saturday 1st September

This morning was spent at Languard with the boys in the vain hope that the early morning drizzle may drop something in, after all this day last year saw an Arctic Warbler discovered on similar conditions! In reality birding was slow with the sea producing much of the action, the first few Wigeon headed south along with Teal and a few waders, whilst a distant skua sp headed north. A few Yellow Wagtails passed overhead but in general the land was devoid of migrants. On the common a Wheatear with a white tipped tail provided a bit of interest, but still proved just to be a Northern Wheatear. We headed south towards the customs house area and studied each sparrow intently but no Spanish.

Having just finished my evening meal the message of the re found Spanish Sparrow had me heading back to Landguard. The flock however seemed to settled for the night and their Spanish cousin failed to show itself in the fading light.

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