Monday, 13 June 2011

Rarer than the Robin or the Audouin's Gull?

Well as previously posted Sean Nikon photographed an unusual Common Tern at Minsmere 5 days after the Audouin's Gull found by John Grant. It showed more than a passing resemblance to Eastern Common Tern Sterna hirundo longipennis but from a British perspective how rare is it? Well a recent article in Birding World (Volume 24 number 5) confirms the identity as an Eastern Common Tern and also places the record as a second following a bird photographed at Seaforth NR, Merseyside in May 2010 making it rarer than the White-throated Robin and from a Suffolk perspective equally as rare as the Audouin's Gull!
Its quite possible that is the same bird so perhaps we should all be on the look out for it later in the year on its return journey or even next year. This sub-species has the potential to be a future split so I am sure if a twitchable individual is found it will prove popular. Well done Sean for picking it out and realising it was something worth further investigation.

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