Monday, 13 June 2011

Another Monday another superb bird.

I was sitting at work when I received a phone call from Jon at Minsmere, he told me he had 2 people in reception who were sure they had seen a Roller on the common at Upper Hollesley. I took the details and phoned a birding friend who works near-by and within 20 minutes he rang me back to confirm the report was correct. The news was soon broadcast and several local birds were soon on the scene. I could not make it till after work by which time the sun had came out and the bird almost glowed in the late afternoon sun. In flight the colour looked more luminescent and in some ways the flight was rather pratincole like. Though distant it oftne showed well and seemed to be feeding well, lets hope it hangs around. A big thank you to the finder Norman Thorpe for taking the time to track people down to get the news released.

Roller - Rather distant but still a cracking bird.

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