Saturday, 5 October 2013

4th and 5th October

Well the 4th was a bit of a nonevent as the weather closed in and meant we couldn't get off Fair Isle, what added to the pain was the news of a Thick-billed Warbler on mainland Shetland. It took all day before we were actually told that there would be no flights but to be honest from the weather we were pretty sure that would be the case. We did get out during the afternoon but migrants seemed thin on the ground with the best being a few Brambling.
The 5th dawned a lot brighter and hopes were high that we would get off on the first flight. Just as we were going to sit down for breakfast we were given the news that the Thick-billed Warbler was still present, tension was high.
As we touched down on mainland news of an Eastern Olivaceous Warbler made the smile on my face a whole lot wider! We were soon on site and after a wait of over an hour we got our first brief flight views. Better views soon followed and we got views of it as it worked its way through a line of willows. We had it a couple more times in flight before we headed off for the Olivaceous Warbler.
It didn't take long before we were watching it flycatch and work its way through a sycamore tree. A superb bird that brought up the 400 on my UK list! Bring on tomorrow!

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