Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Sunshine and cream, just need the Strawberries

I couldn't take it any more, message after message of an adult Cream-coloured Courser showing well slowly eat in to me. So I gave in and headed west. After a 4hour drive we opened the car door to be taken of our feet by a wall of heat. Bugger me it was hot!! A short walk and we were soon watching a bird I can now remove from my bucket list Cream coloured Courser, I can now die a happier man. The surroundings were amazing with views of several miles around us and with larks singing and a heat haze it was like being whisked away to another country. The Courser showed fantastically well even if the heat haze did spoil views ever so slightly. The head pattern was amazing as was the jizz of the bird, if it had stood any more upright I think it would have fallen over backwards, it even sported some Nora Batty style wrinkly knees.

The view from Bradnor Hill

The cream of the Crop?

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