Thursday, 21 April 2011

More spring migrants.

With a half day off work I headed to the coast to see what I could find. 1st stop was the south marsh at north warren, but with the exception of a few gulls was pretty birdless. I headed to the disused caravan park next and walked the back path to Margarets  wood. Whitethroats were much in evidence with up to 30 birds seen/heard. 3 Nightingales were also heard with 1 bird showing breifly. None where in full song giving only brief phrases. A adder was seen close to the path and even stopped to pose for a photo.
 A couple of superb Bullfinches flew over head as I walked back to the caravan park. Here Blackcaps were much more in evidence and a lone Garden Warbler kept a Lesser Whitethroat company in the north east corner. Another adder was seen on the back of the beach, and a brief sea-watch produced nothing.
After another look at south marsh I stopped at Hazelwood marshes. This produced some nice year ticks in the form of Hobby, Reed Warbler, Yellow Wagtail, House Martin and yet another Nightingale. A hornet was gathering wood from a fence post as I walked back. With 11 days off I am hoping for a bir of rain to drop some more birds in.


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